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CONVO 2012

The convocation is expected to be held on 3rd June 2012(Sunday) in UUM campus, Sintok, Kedah.
You are invited to attend the briefing if you have fulfilled all this terms & condition:
1.     1.Have attended last module on January 2012 or before & submit assignment on time.
2.     2.Already make full payment (course fee) before/by March 2012.
You are requested to write down all the questions and ask during the 2nd briefing to be held in the following schedule:

MMU, Melaka:-
Date : 4 MARCH 2012 (Sunday)
Time :1 PM
Venue : same location (class room)

UPM, Serdang
Date : 10 MARCH 2012(Saturday)
Time : 1 PM
Venue : same location (class room)

Unisel, Shah Alam
Date :11 MARCH 2012 (Sunday)
Time : 1 PM
Venue : same location (class room)

USM, Penang
Date :17 MARCH 2012 (Saturday)
Time : 1PM
Venue : same location (class room)

Southern College, Johor
Date : 24 MARCH 2012 (Saturday)
Time : 1PM
Venue : same location (class room)
Please pay the convocation fee RM300.00 during the briefing. You can also call Rina/ Saba Tel: 04-6592768 or HP 017-4002968 if you have any question about this briefing.
Your attendance is compulsory. Please inform us immediately if you have changed handphone number or address.

Shingo U Sdn Bhd


My First Skool said...

Wow widespread of choices available here. The price itself is quite hefty though, is it worth the visit?

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