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Shingo Childcare & Preschool Academy

Do you know about Early Childhood Education?
Do you know how to manage Kindergarten or Nursery?
Do you know what your children's need at their early age?

Shingo Childcare & Preschool Academy is an academy that offers you Executive Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

We have three courses in this academy which are:

  1. Diploma Eksekutif Pendidikan Awal Kanak-kanak (EDPPAK)
  2. Executive Diploma in Child Psychology (EDCP)
  3. Executive Diploma in Kindergarten/Nursery Management (EDKNM)

As we know, Early Childhood Education is an important part for our children [click here].

So our objective in this academy is to make sure students can learn a lot of things about early childhood education.

These are course structure in this academy [click here].

For further information, kindly contact our office at +604-6592768 (ask for Rina or Saba) or directly contact our Director Manager/owner of Shingo Childcare & Preschool Academy
(Dr. How Wei Ming) at +6017-4932768.

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Holiday Programs for Kids in Singapore said...

Does early childhood education courses or degree in fact, a famous take for many students here in Malaysia?

I know how it is quite popular to those in western countries, but the hype on studying in this field doesnt seem that much compare to them.

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